tragedysguide (tragedysguide) wrote in devilmaycry_rp,

Cold. Black. A disconnected feeling, like one was only watching a scene, and not living through it.

Peering through a crack in a door, surrounded by stinking dark as the sounds of screaming and breaking glass filtered through to his little cave. Urgent, angry voices, strangers, flames flickering over pale, grime covered faces as fury built. High pitched screams from an angel, an innocent, and terror kept him rooted, cursing his bravery, and the wish to follow the orders given to him. Watching it all, as these humans broke into their home, Mother pleading for peace, only to have her cut down, purified in their own way, crimson staining the walls, splatters smearing in ivory hair.

They called us monsters.. pot calling the kettle black.

Everything lit in rouge tones, light coming from all over, the same sickly color, as the attackers slapped at unseen assailants, shadows doing a scarecrows dance on the dirtied walls. Cold, strong hands reaching into the hiding place, trying to flee briefly.. before the realization that this was different. Hard skin, almost pure white, with veins of ebony running through. A question posed.. "Do you wish power? The power to protect those that you care for, to punish those that stand in your way?"

Broken, cracked body. Pins through wrists, blood smeared down strong arms, silvered hair hanging in dirty tangles. He'd lost track of how long it'd been, here in the darkness, where they had put him. But who were they? Exhaustion refused to pick up that bit of information from his tattered mind, although something else had supplied the answer. The humans.. those whom your father trusted, who kill their own for fool's reasons. Punish them for what they've done, show them your power! Tired eyes looked out from a bruised face, into the waiting void beyond. Voice broken, throat dry from lack of water and un use, just barely managing the answer, whispering it to the world, deafening in it's power. ".. Yes."
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