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Thinking. Thinking. Still thinking. We're discussing about ideas for the Storyline. Nice stuff came out of it, however we do think that it would be best we first end DMC3 so we have more info to go with.

We did finally choose a timeline though, and we decided that it would best for this rp to take place somewhere between DMC3 and DMC1, since DMC2 was a total failure we will.. Just.. Put it aside. *stabs at it*

Don't worry fellows, we'll come up with a good start soon. *smile*

So while I'm at it, and since I got nothing better to do, I thought I'd let you know of a few lil things concerning the -rules-

Ichi. There is a 'Check Spelling' tool to review your post, please do use it. I'm not a maniac and won't go crazy if there's a misspelling here or there, but a post with over 10 mistakes probably will make me pull my hair off. So please be careful without falling into zeal.

Ni. The lenght of the post. Although I'm not really picky, please refrain from typing novels, and from typing something below 10 lines.

San. Dialogs must be introduced by the utilization of '' ''. It would become quite confusing if we were all to use different manners to post.

example [ Lame one, don't imitate. ^^;; ]: Dante stood up and stared at Tony. ''Shuddup! Just cook.''

Yon. If you own more than one character, this can become a problem if the identity of the character is not evident enough for us to guess which character is doing what. Considering that we cannot use various colors for the post, please if you think that there might be an ambiguity over the character, type his name before the post.

example [ Lame one, once more. Don't imitate. >>;; ]: Dante> He stood up and stared at Tony. ''Shuddup! Just cook.''

Go. In the same ordeal, I'd think that one post per character would be less confusing than one single post for two or more characters, UNLESS of course there's a dialog between them, for evident reasons. Just try and make it clear so we know who says what and does what.

example [ still lame, I'm lazy. -_-;; ]:
Dante> He stood up and stared at Tony. ''Shuddup! Just cook.'' Before he opened the fridge and got a beer from it.
Tony> ''That's all I do here! Cook, cook and clean.'' He grumbled but neverthless did as told, good little mortal that he was.

Of course it doesn't look as good as what we could get in an IM but well, if you have better ideas please inform me. ^^

Roku. Last rule. Please if you ever have issues with another player, email either me or Bries and we will take care of the situation. Comments can be done for ooc post, ideas, suggestions, questions, but not to bitch at someone. Players who cannot show respect toward others will be banished, and yes I am that intransigeant on this point. We play to have fun, and we must all keep this in mind.

Thanks a lot!!
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