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Devil May Cry YAOI Roleplay

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Sunday, May 8th, 2005
10:29 pm

''So... Where is it at exactly anyway?'' He asked against the wind, riding the bike as if their asses was on fire. He just liked to ride fast, couldn't help it. Eyes of ice watched the road attentively, ears opened for an answer from the mortal sitting behind him. Tony's hands were too tight on his hips, but he let it go for once. Too tight, and too low. He was so excited! This feeling in his guts, he had forgotten about that! Alive. He felt so alive. Dante followed the directions given by Tony, and the bike roared in protestation when he slowed down, parking it next to a police car. The mortal boy jumped off first, followed by the halfling, and a cigarette found its way at Dante's lips as he looked at the building. An Opera? That sure would be the first time ever he would set foot in a place like that. A long drag of the cigarette was taken, before his hands took out the twin guns, an amused wink given at Tony. ''Let's rock!''

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Sunday, April 24th, 2005
6:38 pm

It was a thrill, hearing the screams. Feeling flesh rend through twisted talons, angry echoes thrown back at the stage. The Prima Donna had been first, in the middle of her great aria, before the -real- show stopper had dropped in, blade first, pinning the woman in lavish skirts to the ground. She'd let out a brief, choked cry, before she thrashed and flailed like a dying bug, light disappearing from her eyes. The male lead was next, posturing and trying to prove that he was strong.. but he fell, just as easily as the others, their screams pounding over the blood and the notes that were still just dying on the air.

Very few had managed to escape, before he could lock the door with his dark magic, and they were quite mad when the police had found them.. babbling about bloody demons and blue fire. There was no such thing, right? Luckily, one of the cops had the brains to go on and call a certain paranormal investigation agency.. because none of them were getting in there. Not without leaving their lives, anyway..
Thursday, April 14th, 2005
9:02 pm - Reiko...
bustahead The vampire stirred slightly in his coffin, his dreams disturbed. His hazel eyes slowly opened onlyto be met by perfect darkness. He heaved at the coffin lid, and grew alarmed as it did not budge an inch. He licked at dry lips before trying again, finally able to move the coffin lid. He crawled out for the first time in several years. He straightened up, silently marvelling, like how he always did, at the fact that his body seemed not to have become stiff despite him sleeping for three long miserable years. Now the main question was at hand. What was it exactly, that had awoken him? He looked around his mansion before heading outside.
Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
3:16 am

And so days had passed at last, the dark threatening clouds softly killed by the patient touch of a mortal angel until they were but a painful memory one chase away with the sooth of this forever there friend named alcohol. Ah a ton of it really. Beers. Cognacs. Whiskeys. Whatever his hand would find, his lips would kiss. Nevermind the incessant reproaches of the human, he didn't care. Besides... Tony didn't exactly bitch about it. Heh. Dante was back, wasn't he?

''Devil May Cry..?'' The blond human stared. Hands to his hips. Observing their brand new -- and already flashing -- neon sign. What a strange name. Head tilted to the side as emerald eyes showed confusion, slowly drifting onto the halfling. Perhaps in hope of some explanation? Yes. Surely.

''Get your ass in.'' And he had pushed poor mortal Tony into the building. Himself remaining outside. Under the rain. Under the wind. Under the stars. Eyes of cold seeking a long lost hope. A soft smirk, and he shook his head. ''...I thought it was fitting.''

''Hey!'' Tony called from the door. ''Just got a phone, we got a job. Lots of money the man said. Are you going to stand out in the rain still long?'' Tony was watching Dante, shivering. What the hell was he doing out there anyway? Grumbling, the young human returned inside, slamming the door behind him.

''A job, heh.'' Finally a grin! Yes. The Hunter was back. Indeed. ''...Jackpot.'' Chuckling to himself, Dante tossed his head backwards to greet the rain a bit longer. Tongue licking at the droplets hitting his lips, before he finally stepped in. Time for work!

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Sunday, April 10th, 2005
5:02 pm

Rank and file. The growl of a million hungry, starved souls, and a promise to soothe the sensation.

Bloody sky, raining down on them, liquid hissing to steam at the contact to flesh.

And before it all, their dark child. Human intelligence lost in a flame's gaze, soft flesh concealed by a thick exoskeleton of some damned making.

He'd studied their makings, how things were run here, all of it committed to memory. Heavy sword was lifted, the elegant weapon he once wielded twisted by the dark power that had surrounded it, and thrust to the skies. The screams of his soldiers reached a fevered pitch, deafening in their madness, their desire to do what the master desired.

Heavy boots clanked as he strode forward, the ether pulling against him, trying to force it back to the abyss that it had come from, to no avail. Time and worlds ripped, as the great demon knight forced his way through, spilling out into the focus of their hatred. The world of the chosen, of Humanity..

Silver moonlight spilled from above, the scent of the great city dimmed by the fresh rain, something he had been thankful for. Humans stank, fearful, pitiful things that were supposed to be so great. They were weak, and he intended to prove such. A glance behind, confused. Others were supposed to be with him.. and yet, he was standing in a dirty little alleyway, alone. No matter. The chaos would begin, unaided or not. He had his orders. Blue flames surrounding the dark form, before it came to the rooftops, searching out the city. Musical notes flitted on the breeze, bringing a twisted smile to the hidden face.

Perhaps a little visit to the opera was in order. He could do with a little culture..
Sunday, March 27th, 2005
6:24 pm - Intro post...
bustahead His world would always be one of darkness...he had long ago been denied of light, of food, of drink. Even the right to live had been denied him. It seemed his entire life, or death as it may be consisted solely of the essence of misery.

There was nothing left for him now.

Not even sleep would lull him or allow him to dream of happier times.

His dreams were ridden of images of pain, suffering, rape, death. He groaned as he thought back to his dreams and shifted slightly, trying to force his mind to recall something else. His mind drifted, until finally, they settled on the image of a silver haired, red clad man. Recently he had seemed to be dreaming solely of him. Sometimes he would wear blue, sometimes he would wear red. The image of this man puzzled him, and he was certain he had never seen him before.

Perhaps his vampire blood was trying to warn him or something...


As Reiko closed his hazel eyes and shut his coffin lid, he felt as though he had seen too much to really care anymore...
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Thursday, March 24th, 2005
1:48 am

I am awaiting the sunrise
Gazing modestly through the coldest morning
Once it came you lied
Embracing us over autumn's proud treetops

I stand motionless
In a parade of falling rain
Your voice I cannot hear
As I am falling again

Devotion eludes
And in sadness I lumber
In my own ashes I am standing without a soul
He wept and whispered: "I know..."

We walked into the night
Am I to bid you farewell?

Why can't you see that I try
When every tear I shed
Is for you?

Pain had become his companion. His everyday partner. Infiltrating itself in every little part of his soul. It was his tears, it was his blood, it was the air he breathed. Whispers in his ears, ghostly caresses on his skin. He was gone yet he was everywhere. He was the cause to his shivers, and the reasons to his silent screams filling the coldness of his lonely nights. His name was on his lips as his hand would reach out in the dark to find nothing but emptiness. Nights followed nights but his sorrow never once faded. He had fallen into lethargy, scarcely conscious of the world around now...

''Dante... Dante...'' A voice would call out to him. Every day. Every night. Insistent. But it was not his... It was warm, familiar, but it was not his. ''I cannot take this anymore! He's gone, Dante. He's gone.'' And something was warm then on his cheeks. Pearls of tears that didn't belong to himself. ''...I need you here. Come back. He made a choice, and you must accept it.'' No! He would not. He could not. Could never accept his decision. His heart felt torn, ripped in pieces. Hell chosen over Earth. Power over love. Abandoned. Rejected. ''Dante...'' His name was sobbed, pleaded. ''Come back... Please...


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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
3:24 pm

Cold. Black. A disconnected feeling, like one was only watching a scene, and not living through it.

Peering through a crack in a door, surrounded by stinking dark as the sounds of screaming and breaking glass filtered through to his little cave. Urgent, angry voices, strangers, flames flickering over pale, grime covered faces as fury built. High pitched screams from an angel, an innocent, and terror kept him rooted, cursing his bravery, and the wish to follow the orders given to him. Watching it all, as these humans broke into their home, Mother pleading for peace, only to have her cut down, purified in their own way, crimson staining the walls, splatters smearing in ivory hair.

They called us monsters.. pot calling the kettle black.

Everything lit in rouge tones, light coming from all over, the same sickly color, as the attackers slapped at unseen assailants, shadows doing a scarecrows dance on the dirtied walls. Cold, strong hands reaching into the hiding place, trying to flee briefly.. before the realization that this was different. Hard skin, almost pure white, with veins of ebony running through. A question posed.. "Do you wish power? The power to protect those that you care for, to punish those that stand in your way?"

Broken, cracked body. Pins through wrists, blood smeared down strong arms, silvered hair hanging in dirty tangles. He'd lost track of how long it'd been, here in the darkness, where they had put him. But who were they? Exhaustion refused to pick up that bit of information from his tattered mind, although something else had supplied the answer. The humans.. those whom your father trusted, who kill their own for fool's reasons. Punish them for what they've done, show them your power! Tired eyes looked out from a bruised face, into the waiting void beyond. Voice broken, throat dry from lack of water and un use, just barely managing the answer, whispering it to the world, deafening in it's power. ".. Yes."
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Saturday, March 19th, 2005
3:49 am

Good news everyone, me and Bries are both done with DMC3 so I do think we will soon start the rp. *grin*

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Wednesday, March 16th, 2005
2:52 pm

Thinking. Thinking. Still thinking. We're discussing about ideas for the Storyline. Nice stuff came out of it, however we do think that it would be best we first end DMC3 so we have more info to go with.

We did finally choose a timeline though, and we decided that it would best for this rp to take place somewhere between DMC3 and DMC1, since DMC2 was a total failure we will.. Just.. Put it aside. *stabs at it*

Don't worry fellows, we'll come up with a good start soon. *smile*

So while I'm at it, and since I got nothing better to do, I thought I'd let you know of a few lil things concerning the -rules-

Ichi. There is a 'Check Spelling' tool to review your post, please do use it. I'm not a maniac and won't go crazy if there's a misspelling here or there, but a post with over 10 mistakes probably will make me pull my hair off. So please be careful without falling into zeal.

Ni. The lenght of the post. Although I'm not really picky, please refrain from typing novels, and from typing something below 10 lines.

San. Dialogs must be introduced by the utilization of '' ''. It would become quite confusing if we were all to use different manners to post.

example [ Lame one, don't imitate. ^^;; ]: Dante stood up and stared at Tony. ''Shuddup! Just cook.''

Yon. If you own more than one character, this can become a problem if the identity of the character is not evident enough for us to guess which character is doing what. Considering that we cannot use various colors for the post, please if you think that there might be an ambiguity over the character, type his name before the post.

example [ Lame one, once more. Don't imitate. >>;; ]: Dante> He stood up and stared at Tony. ''Shuddup! Just cook.''

Go. In the same ordeal, I'd think that one post per character would be less confusing than one single post for two or more characters, UNLESS of course there's a dialog between them, for evident reasons. Just try and make it clear so we know who says what and does what.

example [ still lame, I'm lazy. -_-;; ]:
Dante> He stood up and stared at Tony. ''Shuddup! Just cook.'' Before he opened the fridge and got a beer from it.
Tony> ''That's all I do here! Cook, cook and clean.'' He grumbled but neverthless did as told, good little mortal that he was.

Of course it doesn't look as good as what we could get in an IM but well, if you have better ideas please inform me. ^^

Roku. Last rule. Please if you ever have issues with another player, email either me or Bries and we will take care of the situation. Comments can be done for ooc post, ideas, suggestions, questions, but not to bitch at someone. Players who cannot show respect toward others will be banished, and yes I am that intransigeant on this point. We play to have fun, and we must all keep this in mind.

Thanks a lot!!

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Saturday, March 12th, 2005
2:49 pm - Reiko and Arson
bustahead Name: Reiko Kaneshiro
Nationality: Japan/English
Race: Vampire
Age: Well...if he hadn't turned into a vampire at the age of 22, he'd be 25 right now.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Orientation: Well, with him trying to keep a tight hold on his humanity, he tries to fight off everything to do with what vampires are. Including Bi. But given the right sort of incentive, he'd probably realize his true sexual orientation.
Good or Evil?: Good

Name: Arson
Nationality: English
Race: Demon/Angel
Age: unknown
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Orientation: Unknown. He's very impressionable y'see.
Good or Evil?: Again, he's innocent and doesn't really know right from wrong.

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Friday, March 11th, 2005
4:19 pm

Hello to all of you DMC yaoi fans. Well the RP of course is not yet ready to be started, I wish to wait just a little longer and see if others will join, then we need to sit down and decide of a storyline. *rubs nose* So yes, please feel free to email me if you have any questions, concerns, or what ever else.

For the Custom Made characters, it would be nice to have some sort of description, this would help a lot in the future play. Thanks!!

Oh, and Sparda's still available if someone's interested, ne!

Minnasan, ja ne!

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