bustahead (bustahead) wrote in devilmaycry_rp,

Intro post...

His world would always be one of darkness...he had long ago been denied of light, of food, of drink. Even the right to live had been denied him. It seemed his entire life, or death as it may be consisted solely of the essence of misery.

There was nothing left for him now.

Not even sleep would lull him or allow him to dream of happier times.

His dreams were ridden of images of pain, suffering, rape, death. He groaned as he thought back to his dreams and shifted slightly, trying to force his mind to recall something else. His mind drifted, until finally, they settled on the image of a silver haired, red clad man. Recently he had seemed to be dreaming solely of him. Sometimes he would wear blue, sometimes he would wear red. The image of this man puzzled him, and he was certain he had never seen him before.

Perhaps his vampire blood was trying to warn him or something...


As Reiko closed his hazel eyes and shut his coffin lid, he felt as though he had seen too much to really care anymore...
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See! You did great! ^.^ You had nothing to be worried about. *smile*

Phew! Thanks! I was so nervous about writing this! Hopefully it gets him intertwined with the plot and stuff now. Do we RPers have free reign to try and influence the plot here and there depending on the actions of our characters or is there a set plotline that we must stick to?
Well right now we have a light storyline but yes you can try and influence the plot of course, if you're not certain of something though you can always email me and ask. :D

And oh, just one thing, if you want me to reply to your comment faster, please use the ''Reply to this comment'' instead of ''Post a new comment'' it would then instantly email me the comment.
Okay, right. Thanks. ^_^ Ehe, I won't ever try to influence the plot majorly. Just that in hindsight, with Reiko having slight premonitions...just hoping that hasn't affected anything