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And so days had passed at last, the dark threatening clouds softly killed by the patient touch of a mortal angel until they were but a painful memory one chase away with the sooth of this forever there friend named alcohol. Ah a ton of it really. Beers. Cognacs. Whiskeys. Whatever his hand would find, his lips would kiss. Nevermind the incessant reproaches of the human, he didn't care. Besides... Tony didn't exactly bitch about it. Heh. Dante was back, wasn't he?

''Devil May Cry..?'' The blond human stared. Hands to his hips. Observing their brand new -- and already flashing -- neon sign. What a strange name. Head tilted to the side as emerald eyes showed confusion, slowly drifting onto the halfling. Perhaps in hope of some explanation? Yes. Surely.

''Get your ass in.'' And he had pushed poor mortal Tony into the building. Himself remaining outside. Under the rain. Under the wind. Under the stars. Eyes of cold seeking a long lost hope. A soft smirk, and he shook his head. ''...I thought it was fitting.''

''Hey!'' Tony called from the door. ''Just got a phone, we got a job. Lots of money the man said. Are you going to stand out in the rain still long?'' Tony was watching Dante, shivering. What the hell was he doing out there anyway? Grumbling, the young human returned inside, slamming the door behind him.

''A job, heh.'' Finally a grin! Yes. The Hunter was back. Indeed. ''...Jackpot.'' Chuckling to himself, Dante tossed his head backwards to greet the rain a bit longer. Tongue licking at the droplets hitting his lips, before he finally stepped in. Time for work!
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Well I hope it's not all too confusing for the chars. I mean, who's saying and doing what. If anything just tell me, and in the next post i'll put up the name in front of the paragraphe. ^_^