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Hello to all of you DMC yaoi fans. Well the RP of course is not yet ready to be started, I wish to wait just a little longer and see if others will join, then we need to sit down and decide of a storyline. *rubs nose* So yes, please feel free to email me if you have any questions, concerns, or what ever else.

For the Custom Made characters, it would be nice to have some sort of description, this would help a lot in the future play. Thanks!!

Oh, and Sparda's still available if someone's interested, ne!

Minnasan, ja ne!
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Well...Okay. Do you wish for me to comment here on my characters or make a new post? I actually have two, but if we're limited to one, I'll need your help choosing which would be better suited to the RP.
Well this is up to you really. ^^ You can either post it here in the comment or make a new post, as long as the RP will not be started, it's not really important if we do posts.

You are not limited at just one character, but if you decide to play two chars and both of them become involved in the storyline, you must keep on playing them both till the end.
*sighs* Hello babe. can i join? Sparda's fine by me.
Or Atticus and Loki...?