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''So... Where is it at exactly anyway?'' He asked against the wind, riding the bike as if their asses was on fire. He just liked to ride fast, couldn't help it. Eyes of ice watched the road attentively, ears opened for an answer from the mortal sitting behind him. Tony's hands were too tight on his hips, but he let it go for once. Too tight, and too low. He was so excited! This feeling in his guts, he had forgotten about that! Alive. He felt so alive. Dante followed the directions given by Tony, and the bike roared in protestation when he slowed down, parking it next to a police car. The mortal boy jumped off first, followed by the halfling, and a cigarette found its way at Dante's lips as he looked at the building. An Opera? That sure would be the first time ever he would set foot in a place like that. A long drag of the cigarette was taken, before his hands took out the twin guns, an amused wink given at Tony. ''Let's rock!''
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